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Real Estate Closing Attorneys, Topouzis & Associates P.C. is a law firm rethinking title services. Designed for reliability, convenience, and unsurpassed quality, our business model puts our client’s needs first. Serving communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Florida, the closing attorneys at Topouzis & Associates are here to help you with all aspects of buying a home.

Topouzis and Associates Closing Attorney

Our clients rely on us because they know we care about their bottom line as much as ours. With our dedicated team of commercial and residential real estate attorneys, multiple underwriters, and intuitive title and settlement software, we offer the best in experience, flexibility, and automation. We provide title solutions for residential and commercial properties and represent buyers, sellers, and clients refinancing their mortgages. When you order title services from Topouzis & Associates, P.C., you will receive the undivided attention of a dedicated closing agent with extensive estate experience.

In Massachusetts and Connecticut, the presence of a licensed real estate attorney is required by law, and our licensed and experienced closing attorneys are well qualified for the task. It is your right as a buyer to find the closing attorney that’s right for you whether you’re in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Florida. Unlike a title insurance company, we can provide legal advice during your purchase and sale process because we represent you from the beginning to the end.

Topouzis & Associates know that buying or selling a property is more than just filing paperwork. When we start working on your transaction, we’ll begin by looking at all the title documents on the property. This opens with a title exam and ordering any documentation we may need from the city or county, such as a Municipal Lien Certificate. We also draft the legal documents necessary to transfer property from the seller to the buyer, and we will correct any title defects that may arise during the title exam. At your closing, as your closing attorneys, it’s our job to make sure you understand what each of those documents means, why you need them, and what they do.

Should any problems arise during that process, our job as the closing attorneys is to resolve them? For example, suppose the property has any claims of ownership, liens, or easements that would prevent or complicate a sale. In that case, we’ll work between you and the lender to continue the sale as efficiently as possible.