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May 16, 2019

Staging Tips to Reduce the Likelihood of Turning Off Potential Purchasers

Staging Tips to Reduce the Likelihood of Turning Off Potential Purchasers

As competition for housing continues to drop (even if not exactly precipitously), home sellers will be well-served to do everything they can to present their properties on offer in the best light possible. The average buyer, when not under pressure, reacts to homes in an emotional way, and there are numerous aspects of property viewings that may turn them off without sellers being aware of why their home is in such shockingly low demand. Even a single room in a house not feeling right to a buyer can turn them off to a home that otherwise matched their standards to a “t.” And there are two rooms in particular that need special attention.

But first things first: it’s important to stage a home, even (or in some cases, especially) if the owner has yet to vacate. And that staging needs to be holistic. Even a single empty room in an otherwise furnished home can throw buyers into a sort of crisis of purpose—for the room, that is. And that indeterminate feeling can taint their whole perception of the home. If there’s an empty room in the house, stage it as a bedroom, an office, or even an additional sitting area.

Secondly, bathrooms and kitchens have reputations as deal-breakers, and with good reason.

A bathroom with a clearly much-used tub (in which case, replace the tub) makes potential buyers think they may need to do a whole-restroom remodel—which has them considering the extra money they’ll need to spend on top of the price they will have just paid for the home. And carpeted bathrooms evoke visceral reactions for many buyers—even down to their sometimes being unwilling even to go inside them. Tile is much better.

Kitchens need to have relatively decent appliances in place, and features that are not too outdated. And they shouldn’t look run-down. Many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home—and nobody wants to buy a home with heart disease. Just as with that bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel is a considerable cost for a buyer to consider on top of the prospective purchase price. It’s best to do have the work done yourself and absorb the cost, in order to get the house sold.

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