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December 17, 2018

Considering the Investors-Only Short Sale

Considering the Investors-Only Short Sale

Occasionally one will encounter a listing labeled an “investors-only” short sale. This can at times turn prospective home-buyers away, believing they are ineligible to put in an offer on such a property. In truth, this is not the case; but there are certain qualifications in order to take title to this home that a residential real estate investor is more likely to meet than the standard home-purchaser.

Since short sales are generally “as-is” sales, requests following an inspection (which should be performed nonetheless) are limited and sometimes simply out of the question. The seller is already in a state of financial distress, and won’t be able to spend money on repair; moreover, the lender who has agreed to the short sale won’t be willing to take a hit to its already diminished prospects of profit to grant a buyer repair-allowances—better, in the lender’s view, to simply put the home through foreclosure.

There’s also the fact that short-sale homes listed as “investors-only,” again as a result of the seller’s financial distress, are at increased likelihood of being in a state of disrepair, which can often disqualify them from availability for standard owner-occupant lending. Such forms of disrepair may include roof damage; infestations by structurally-damaging pests such as termites; lack of a kitchen or a bathroom; walls or foundations in a state of disintegration; or its location in zones of likely disaster such as mudslide, lava, or avalanche; among others.

As these conditions make the home ineligible for mortgage, the taker of such a property is most likely to make the purchase as a cash buyer. And experienced investors are much more likely to be able to put cash forward for purchase of such a home, and then to fund the necessary repairs, than are potential owner-occupant buyers.

In the end, however, if one is looking to buy a home to occupy, has the cash on hand to do so, and expects to put plenty of time and/or money into its repair, there is no reason the label of “investors-only” should be considered to put the property off-limits.

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