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November 02, 2018

What Prospective Parents May Not Know to Look for in a Home

What Prospective Parents May Not Know to Look for in a Home

We often find that among first-time home buyers—that grand cohort that accounted for 46% of mortgages in the first quarter of 2018—many are either already expecting a child or are planning to start a family in the not-too-distant future. This is a hopeful and enthusiastic lot, and we here at Topouzis & Associates, P.C. are always pleased to be involved in the closings of these sorts of purchases, because we recognize how vital they are for the futures of these families and for the communities into which they will settle.


There’s plenty of advice floating around about what to look for in a home when you’re looking for the best situation in which to raise a child—particularly with regard to which schools the child may attend based on the neighborhood in which he or she lives—but there are some characteristics of potential homes that sometimes escape consideration by people who want a child but who are not yet familiar with the actual child-raising project.

The following are issues that we feel might be useful for parents-to-be on the hunt for a new haunt to take into consideration:

Know the Neighbors

While there may be something to said about our society having grown overprotective of our children, there is no sense in exposing the kids to undue risk. That’s why the government established the National Sex Offender Public Website. It’s worth running the address through the system just to get a sense of what known dangers may lurk in the neighborhood before you buy.

Consider the Lilies of the Field … Through the Window

It’s a good idea to consider line-of-sight from the indoors out into the yard and the surrounding area. Your little munchkin is going to want to play outside. Are you going to want to be out there with them every minute? Parents know that each stolen moment can be an opportunity to get things done. Washing dishes in the sink. Writing emails or doing light research in the study. Will you be able to keep tabs on a playing youngster from those spots?

Heating Elements

Infants and toddlers don’t mix well with exposed heating sources like fireplaces (whether wood-burning or natural gas), radiators, or really any kind of contraption that might expose their curious digits to potential burn. Most families find that, in geographic zones where heat will be needed on an ongoing basis—like Peabody, Massachusetts or Pawtucket, Rhode Island; not so much in places like Baldwin, Florida—forced central heating is the way to go.

Walk the Walk

Many families who settle in neighborhoods without sidewalks soon wish they’d thought things through a little more. Sidewalks are inviting and create a zone of safe ambulation for kids and parents alike, without the concern of drivers paying too little attention because, after all, they absolutely must reply to that text and they aren’t on the main thoroughfare just yet….

Amenities? Yes, Please

It can be hard for non-parents to imagine just how hectic it is to prepare for even a short car ride. Amenities within walking distance—another good reason for those sidewalks mentioned above—can ease things quite a bit, while also allowing parents to get some natural exercise. Think grocery stores, playgrounds, even your town’s local library (often a fine source of programming and learning for young minds).

Once buyers have discovered just the right family-friendly property, we’ll be ready to aid in the closing. We at Topouzis & Associates, P.C. are experts at ferreting-out problems with title and disposing with them in advance of closing. We take pride in the great amount and quality of experience we bring to the closing table in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Florida. Contact us if you want a partner in your property closing—one who makes everyone involved feel like family.